Color Project

  • Media Arts

    Projects Due:

    1 The Color wheel

    2 The Geometric Shapes project using the elliptical and rectangular marquee tool.

    3 Analogous Colors with Organic shapes using the lasso tool.

    4. Complementary Color project using the lasso tool and elliptical tool.

    5. Monochromatic Colors using the Polygonal Lasso Tool

    Process for EACH!

    1. Create a new file 72,RBG, 5x7

    2.Use tool to create a shape on a NEW LAYER. Use the correct color scheme for each project.

    3. NEW LAYER, create an additional shape, fill

    4.New layers, create an additional shape, fill

    5 Continue until you have 6 shapes, Merge  and transform.

    6. Duplicate layer 9 additional times rearranging and transforming each layer.

    7. Be sure that the overall design has a colored background layer and the final design touches all four sides of the space.