Homework Info

  • REVIEW OF HOMEWORK RULES! (15% of your quarter grade):


    1)  Homework is assigned on a nightly basis and is worth 2 points per night. 

    2)  To earn all points, ALL work MUST BE SHOWN… answers MUST BE CIRCLED!  It must be neat, and legible!

    3)  One homework grade per week is calculated in eschools.

    Ex:  4 nights of homework = 8 point assignment. 


    If you are absent the day I grade an assignment:

    1) You MUST HAND THE ASSIGNMENT IN FOR GRADING IMMEDIATELY UPON ENTERING CLASS THE NEXT DAY! You need to be responsible and take the initiative to do this!


    If you are absent the day an assignment is given:

    Use the homework calendar to see what you missed from your packet.

    Complete the assignment and hand it in the VERY next day!


    If the homework is collected as a quiz grade and YOU DID NOT complete it:

    1)  you must fill out an index card and hand it in.  (yes, you will receive NO CREDIT for the homework grade).

    2)  BUT, you have ONE night to complete the worksheet IN ADDITION to the new homework assignment AND hand it in as a quiz grade, or it will be graded as a zero.