• Essential Question
    How do we, as humans, survive the trials and tribulations of life?

    Guiding Questions
    1.  What human qualities must one call upon in order to survive?

    2.  What keeps one striving to survive?

    3.  What inhibits one's survival?

    4.  What role does instinct play in survival?

    5.  What role does setting play in the pursuit of survival?

    Unit Vocabulary Term   Key Literary Terms
    1.  Survival1.  Characterization
    2.   Persevere2.  Dynamic character
    3.  Trauma3.  Static character
    4.  Isolation4.  Suspense
    5.  Strength5.  Point of view
    6.  Willpower6.  Symbolism
    7.  Instinct7.  Setting
    8.  Adaptability8.  Conflict
    9.  Acceptance9.  Atmosphere
    10.  Endurance10.  Protagonist
    11.  Antagonist