• Our Mission: Educate, Advocate, Empower.

    Dedicated to building a brighter future by educating and empowering our kids,

    families, educators and support teams today. We're advocating to help every child

    with a disability reach their fullest potential. To ensure this mission, Patchogue Medford

    SEPTA members will practice respect, inclusivity, integrity, collaboration and

    commitment. We put children first to make a difference! 


    "Patchogue Medford SEPTA is the collective voice for special needs children in the Patchogue

     Medford community. At meetings, we educate our members who are parents,

     family members, teachers, and administrators about special education strategies,

     programs, and developments in special education law. We also share with our

     members opportunities in the area where they can find additional support and

     activities for their loved ones with special needs. Patchogue Medford SEPTA is support. Our

     mission is to Educate, Advocate and Empower."

    Trish Graham