Français 4

  • Bonjour et Bienvenue!
    We have begun to get one another and already have an awesome tone to our classroom! We have immersed ourselves into poetry, the present tense, the passé composé, interrogated the teacher
    :-D, reviewed our themes this year, and observed a day in the life of Margot, a sixth grader in France.

    Below, you will see some images of an activity that came after our reading of «Le Croissant du Trottoir». Students read this passage and learned how to talk about an experience through the 5 senses. One could say that we became "painters" with our own words. In order to enhance adjectives through our 5 senses, we discovered the world of FROMAGE FRANçAIS. Enjoy:-)

    In this picture, students raising            De la confitureLes fromages
    their hands shows you how many      Brie, Chèvre, Gruyère
    people tasted a new item during this 
              Des plats   Students preparing their plates.  Our walking bonus question.
    Merci Madame Cossack!!!!