Helpful Websites

  • In this section, you will find websites to help you study, websites to help you successfully complete projects, blogs, etc. If you have a site that you find helpful, please let me know and I will post your site to this page. I have made a separate page for each level of my French classes. I have posted some more videos, game sites, etc. on your class tab. Check that out as well. You may find a video from class or something that may review a concept for you if need be for your homework.

    1. Here is an app that a student recently shared with me. It is free and works with all APPLE products. The Android version is "in the works". Check this link out for a personalized set of games to review and/or take your language learning to the next level. This is great even when you have 5 or 10 minutes while you're waiting for an appointment, between television commercials, etc. 
    2. I do have a Quizlet page. Many of you have used it before. You do not need to study my page, unless requested by me. Type in the name of your textbook and/or topic and you will find wonderful resources: practice quiz, games, printable vocabulary cards, audio of each vocabulary word/expression.
    3. Online dictionaries:    These two online dictionaries give you the option to see the word in context instead of a straight definition. It shows you how you may use the word.
    4. Sign up to text Madame Simeone through Make sure you sign up for your class, French 2 or French 4.
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