Resources for Parents

  • How Parents Can Help Their Child Progress in French
     Here are some suggestions for parents to help their children tune into French. ??
    1. Keep a positive attitude toward learning French. French is an important part of the school day. Encourage your child to be on time and prepared for French class. 
    2. Encourage participation (speaking French) and taking risks (potential of making mistakes). Emphasize that mistakes are part of the learning process.?
    3. Encourage the usefulness of French (spoken in over 29 countries).?
    4. Help children become aware of bilingual signs, labels on household items, cereal boxes, milk cartons, etc…. Take a look at the “French side “and compare! ?
    5. On your next visit to the public library, ask the librarian about the French section and explore! 
    6. Buy a French-English Dictionary for your home. Both Oxford and Collins-Robert have good editions. 
    7. Give a simple French Language book or a tape for a birthday present, e.g., My First 100 French Words (McClelland and Stuart, Inc. Canada), ?“Comment ça va ? “ by Matt ( Muffin Record Co.) 
    8. Take a family trip to Montréal or Québec City - a real, first-hand experience of the French Language in action. Look out for French on road signs in Upstate New York and even Vermont.
    9. Watch TV in French! La Chaine française (TFO) has excellent children’s programs as well as translation of some of your favorites. Remember it is not crucial that your child fully understands every word at this time. ?
    10. Tune in your computer/radio periodically to a French station and play French songs in the background. ??Your encouragement and belief in the value of a second language will strengthen your child’s learning experience. You can play an active role in your child’s success in French, even if you don’t speak French.
    Bonne collaboration!