Application Process

    • Review job postings
    • Apply online via RecruitFront
    • Administrators will conduct screening of applications
    • Selected candidates are contacted for interviews
    • Interviews completed 
    • References will be checked
    • Candidates recommended to move forward in the process by administrator
    • Final interviews with Assistant Superintendent for HR & Superintendent of Schools and candidate notified of anticipated starting date
    • Candidate responsible for completing pre-employment paperwork and other identified items required for employment and appointment
    • Recommendation for Board of Education appointment

    NYSED Fingerprinting Requirements for
    Teacher & Pupil Personnel Certification


    Who needs to be Fingerprinted?

    New York State requires applicants for new teaching or pupil personnel certificates to be fingerprinted for a criminal history background check. In addition, anyone who will be a new employee in any New York State school district, BOCES, or charter school is required to satisfy the fingerprint investigation. If you have been fingerprinted by the New York City Department of Education, you may not need to be re-fingerprinted – see information available at

    When to get Fingerprinted.

    You may complete the fingerprinting process at any time during your teacher preparation program, but no later than 2 months before you graduate and expect to apply for certification. We recommend that you complete the fingerprint process as early in your program as possible, especially if you have ever been convicted of a crime. Applicants for certification may be barred from employment if the fingerprinting process is not initiated soon enough to qualify for the certificate before your new job begins.

    Overview of Fingerprinting Process

    The fingerprinting process may be completed online or by mail. The online process is highly recommended – it is more efficient and reliable, and provides online results much faster. The mail process is much slower and requires the completion of a paper NYSED fingerprint application.