General Information

  • General Information:

    - Students are expected to bring appropriate materials to class on a daily basis.  The building is too large for a student to be continually leaving the room because they forgot needed materials in their locker.

    - Absences are to be expected, but all work missed is expected to be made up.  Extra help hours for social studies are TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS,  from 1:55 to 2:25.  I always make it a point to help those that help themselves.  I will be available Wednesday mornings from 7:20 - 7:50.

    - Assignments turned in late will always be accepted. Points will be deducted accordingly.  Assignments turned in up to 1 week late will lose 10 points.  After 1 week, the assignment/project loses 20 points. Any assignment/project submitted after 2 weeks will receive half credit.

    - Participation is expected, but not demanded.  I hope to create a learning environment in which all students feel confident.  We all know how important confidence is in feeling good about one's self.