Digital SATs Reminders for Students

  • Please arrive by 7:15 am to ensure we can address any technical concerns. The later the arrival time, the less chance we will have to support you with technical issues.

    Information You’ll Need on Test Day for Digital Testing

    Be prepared for digital testing by ensuring you bring only what you need for the test. Leave all prohibited items at home. You will have a testing device but won’t be able to use or access any other personal electronic devices, such as a mobile phone or wearable technology, during the test. Review the other important guidelines in this section to ensure you understand the policies that cover your SAT testing experience.
    Students are REQUIRED to carefully REVIEW and follow the instructions provided in this video regarding Bluebook and Saturday Administrations before the exam:
    The Patchogue-Medford school district will not provide testing devices and cannot offer assistance for any devices that are not from the Patchogue-Medford school district.

    Test Day Items

    The following items are required for taking the SAT:
        • Your admission ticket on a mobile device instead of printing it.
        • A pen or pencil for scratch work (it doesn’t have to be a No. 2 pencil).
        • A fully charged, acceptable testing device with Bluebook that has already been downloaded.
        • A valid photo ID for check-in.
    Though not required, consider bringing:
        • Small snacks and small covered drinks (which must be under your desk during testing).
        • An acceptable calculator - please see for the full list - for use on the Math section of the test (if you prefer using a handheld calculator, use the embedded Desmos calculator in Bluebook).
    Taking the Digital SATs
    Before the test, you must ensure that you have:
        1. Download the Bluebook app (all Patchogue-Medford school-issued devices have this app already downloaded. If it is not working, you should restart your computer. If that does not work, Patchogue-Medford students should contact student tech help).
        2. Complete the exam set-up so you have access to your admissions ticket. This is best done at home prior to arriving at the site.
          • Non Patchogue-Medford students need to have the app downloaded on their devices. Please note that Patchogue-Medford cannot provide technical support on the day of the exam with personal devices or non-Patchogue-Medford school district devices.
        3. Make sure your device is charged and you bring a cord just in case. We will not supply charging cords.  If your device runs low or shuts off your exam will end.  If you are asked to move to charge you will lose time on your exam.
        4. Go to Practice and Prepare on the Bluebook homepage and select Full-Length Practice to ensure the Bluebook app is working correctly.